Архивни линии от нашия свят.
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Offtopic: Тъй като получих препоръки от един приятел (съфорумник :-D ) реших изцяло да преработя поста си, като ще запазя идеята за прераждането на Андромедите!

A woman with long black cape stood near a beautifull fountain of pure light. Her eyes were filled with tears and sadness that no one could erase from here soul!
A young man with golden hair, and eyes like the sea aproached her, and kissed her gently on the chick. She smiled for a moment but the sorrow remained in her eyes.
- Why do you cry my beloved- tha man asked.
- Bellum. Don't go. Please!
- Where? Where shouldn't I go? What could possibly harm a God?
The woman pulled off her cape and her black hair drifted like a waterfall!
- The Andromedae are revived.
- What? But I'm sure that I send them in a place whit no escape. How could they have ran away from their ethernal prison?
- Listen to me brother! They are supported by the new Gods- Jesus, Jahova and Allah! You know what that means. That all of us are in danger. Please don't go!
- I'm a God of war. How could I sit here without doing anything? I'm sorry sister but I must go!
Bellum left his sister sitting next to the fountain of might, crying, like only the Godess of love could...
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Deaths’ fury was immeasurable. He has summoned all the gods to the neutral land, the one place where all the gods could feel safe from one another. Only the Jesus, Jehovah and Allah weren’t invited. Each his step echoed in thousand shrieks, his clothe was made out of countless souls; his voice was trebling like falling rocks.
- How they dare, how they dare! I shall have the skins of their worshipers, they shall not escape my wrath
- What is it brother, what have happened? Asked Bast
- Something has left the shadow land without my permission. Something that should be dead is NOT! It has happened only once before, when Jesus escaped my grasp! Only he could have done it!
- What’s missing?
- I… I don’t know. Whoever did it obscured his deed flawlessly.
- Why don’t you simply go and take the fugitives bag? Asked one of the deities.
- I can not! They are now outside of the karmic wheel; they no longer belong to me, now only the great one can decide their fate.