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Sivosten webZine :: The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)
The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)

Author: T. Hristov, Saturday, 17 November 2007.

In Articles :: Movies & Animation; Propose a Second Opinion

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Im going to put it straight this movie should be watched only as a screener, recorded by a 12-year-old Thai on his cell phone thats been stolen from a Chinese businessman, who was killed by Yakuza 11 months ago for unpaid debts. Why you might ask? For the sole purpose of the quality of the tape being equal to the quality of the content. Actually, there is something amazing in the movie Evil does not only fail, but it fails in some quite outrageous and ridiculous way. But Im saving that for later. The story is reasonably plain the seventh son of the seventh son (and they say rabbits were multiplying) is looking for the signs that would help him vanquish Evil. On his side are the charming Ian McShane (he should have stuck to the lovable antique seller Lovejoy) and a couple of other not so charming good souls. The signs themselves are hidden in time and space, time meaning plus minus 600 years and space covering no more than 60 miles. From the point of view of time stereometry the task is not that complicated but an average 14-year-old teenager usually lacks the proper theorems that would help him manage in time. After all happy ending is guaranteed especially when Christmas is knocking at the door and you can hear the jolly rings of Coca Cola trucks.

But lets get back to Evil. I remember a time when Evil would send bloodthirsty legions in action, I remember how it used to scream that dawn would never shine on any living man, I even remember how Evil used to turn whole armies into grunting pigs. It was a qualitative, motivated, progressive and vicious Evil. It was an Evil that could dare Good to do its best, to make great sacrifices, to conquer unscalable peaks, to toughen its will and soul in an unending battle. It was an Evil that helped Good grow and be its real self. Can good become a real Good without the constant opponent, thats trying to destroy it in every way, to stamp upon it, to wipe it from the face of the earth? And if evil is not a real Evil, wouldnt it be overcome by a more merciful Evil or by an Evil with a few good diversions in its character? Without a devoted and lunatic Evil Good is in danger, Good is in crisis, because Good always determines itself as the antipode and antithesis of Evil. Good has to suffer through its goodness and goodness should be born in rivers of blood and torment, good people should die for it in order for others to embrace the cause, to raise it as their flag, as their belief and to take off wounded, exhausted, tormented but yet stronger in spirit to the stronghold of Evil and to overcome the endless enemy hordes only with the light in their souls. In order to give birth, raise and bring up such an all-conquering Good you have to be a classy Evil, an Evil that makes the world tremble with fear.

And what do we have here in The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising? We have an evil. We have a germ, a puny sprout, a prematurely born and genetically impaired spawney. Which with a lot of luck and blind fate could grow up to be a mere evil. Oh, yes, Im going to drown the world in darkness, Ill cut your electricity off and Ill freeze you all. Oooh, thats so scary, after all a sole dementor could do that. And I forgot Ill send flocks of ravens (or crows ornithologists know best) to peck your faces nice so that you know! As if we havent seen any Hitchcock movies. Something else? Oh, please, leave the smoke, it makes you look like a badly hit helicopter over a Taliban base. Why, oh, why did you have to be such a pathetic Evil? An M.D.-loser who still lives with his mom, for sure a star at the local Star Trek fan club, after all hes just practicing evil in his spare time! He rides on a white horse, has two dogs and a black cape and enjoys scaring kids in the forest. No, its not supposed to be that way. After all cant any thirdclass British nobleman do the same? Thats why Good is such a no good, unconvincing and rather depressing Good. How are you supposed to do your best against such a pathetic opponent?! Im really disappointed and the only thing keeping me together is the idea that after all out there is some Evil lurking about, may it be resident

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