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Сивостен :: Nightfall in the net (статия) - Творчество, Хумор
Nightfall in the net

Автор: Асен Цветков, събота, 20 март 2004.

Публикувано в Статии :: Други; Предложи Гледна точка

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War Of the Pings

Narrator (Client): The FTP is lost. The Net is lost.The sattelites have fallen from the sky, the providers in ruins lie. The hackers are within, everywhere, and with them - the viruses. Soon they will hach this server. Drop now, my oper, while there is time, there are firewalls behind.
Narrator (Dark admin):And you know the passwords too. I'll ping thee - go. My client you'll be for all time.
Narrator (Client):As you command, my admin.
Narrator (Dark admin): I had a sub-seven in everything, twice i hacked that site, and twice I failed. I left netbuses behind me, when i returned, but I also carried trojan with me - It - the traitor of my own passwords.

Into the Net:
Give it to me.
I must have it.
Precious connection, I deserve it.
Where can I surf
how can I hide my IP.
Gems of binar code.
Their secret belongs to me.
Oh it's sweet how the
line is floating around
We are following
The trace of the ping
Through the phone line
And into the net
And we are following
The trace of the ping
Through the phone line
And into the net
Lord I'm a chatter
Blackheart show me
What you hold in your hdd
I still hunger for more
Release me
From my absence
Give it to me
How I need it
How I need it
How I need it
I did my part
Now it's your turn
And remember
What you've promised

No sign of transfer did flicker
In floods of pings she cried
"All hope's lost it can't be undone
They're wasted and gone"
"Save me your CTCPs
I know (They blinded us all)
What you want
You will take it away from me
Take it and I know for sure
The account she once brought in
Is gone forevermore"
Like sorrowful WinAmps they sang
"(We're) lost in the deep sites
The misty ftps brought
(A wailing when beauty was gone
Come take a look at the screen)
Monstrous it covered the wallpaper
Fearful into the unknown"
Attached it crept in new horror
Viruses reigned
And spilled the first cluster
When the old f-prot was slain
Attached crept in and changed us all
Attached crept in and changed us all
Immortal RAM lies down in agony
"How long shall we
Mourn in the dark
the accounts and the net
Will not return
Say farewell to sadness and grief
Though long and hard the connection may be"
But even in silence I read the words
"An oath we shall swear
By the name of the net
Until the ping's end
It can't be broken"
Just wondering how
I can still read these notices inside
The doom of the Chatters drew near
The words of a banned chatter
"I swear revenge"
Filled with anger aflamed our hearts
Full of hate full of pride
We screamed for revenge
"Oper he is that's what you said
Then your oath's been sworn in vain
(But) freely you clicked and
You freely shall quit
(So) never trust the northern clubs
Never hide your IP from friends"
"Oh I'm client of the ISDN oper!"
"You better don't trust him"
The competition of mine
Isn't he of your kind and
Finally you may follow me
He said
Back to where it all began

The Minstrel
So I stand still
In front of the screen
Excited emoticons
Whar will be next?
I still don't have a clue

The Curse of the Chatter
Taken the long trace
Dark servers I went through
I arrived
My vision's so clear
In anger and howl
I left deep cracks behind
But I arrived
Truth might be changed by victory
Beyond the firewall but deep within me
A swamp of packages exists
A lake it was of silikon chips
But Intranet's spring went by
I've heard the warning
Well g-line my ident
I'll keep on laughing
No regret
No regret
chorus (1):
Don't fear the floods of the opers.
OPERS! I cried
All hope is gone but I swear revenge
Hear my oath
I will take part in your damned fate
I will always remember their sites
Like a shadow which covers the light
I will always remember the time
But it's past
I cannot turn back the time
(I) don't look back
There's still smoke near the procesor
But I survived
Revenge be mine
chorus (2):
I will take part in your damned fate
OPERS I cried
It's my oath
So don't fear the floods
Of the opers
Soon you will be free
Set your spirit online
"Suddenly I realized
The mails
I've never read
My passwords were wrong
I've crashed the OS
And slain my pc
(Burning sound card)
There's no shut down for my sys
It hurts
Time and only time will tell us
Tell: was I right or wrong?
When anger breaks through
I'll leave mercy behind"
chorus (2)
I will always remember their sites
Like a shadow they'll cover my life
But I'll also remember mine
(And) after all I'm still online

narrator (Dark admin):
You are now my guest, forever

Crack Sites
Welcome to my site
We are both condemned to live
It's a dark fate
(I can see your pings
I can see your pings)
I see it still stays
Each night I cry in pain
Though the end appears my friend
And crack sites I find
You've searched and you've found
Crack your old friends account
My mind's
In frozen dreams
The rotten mainboard
Of bitter lies
Welcome to where time stands still
Noone leaves and noone ever will
Can't hold it
It stays
Each night I cry in pain
And crack sites I find
Endless grief remained inside
And crack sites I find
Endless grief remained inside
It seems so clearly
Bent the bow
Cause account for me is gone
And a cruel BTC's giving bills
And a cruel BTC's giving bills
To pay
And sites they shall wane
Each night I cry in pain
And crack sites I find
Endless grief remained inside
Crack your old friends account

Mirror Mirror
Far, far beyond the sattelte
We dwelt in shades of twilight
Through dread and weary days
Through grief and endless pain
It lies unknown
The site of mine
A hidden Wingate
To save us from the downfall
The admin of the provider spoke
In the silence
Words of wisdom
I've seen the end of all
Be aware the virus is closer
chorus (1):
Mirror Mirror on the net
True hope lies beyond the firewall
You're a damned kind can't you see
That the ports will change
Mirror Mirror on the net
True hope lies beyond the firewall
You're a damned kind can't you see
That tomorrow bears insanity
Gone's the wisdom
Of a thousand sites
A provider in fire and chains and fear
Leads me to a pc so far
Deep down it lies my secret password
I better keep it safe
Shall I leave my friends alone
Hidden in my favourites zone
(I) know the world is lost online
Sure there is no way to turn it
Back to the old days
Of books and cheerful laughter
We're lost in silikon sands
Caught in the running ports
How shall we leave the lost server
Time's getting short so follow me
A leader's task so clearly
To find a path out of the site
chorus (2):
Mirror Mirror on the net
True hope lies beyond the firewall
You're a damned kind can't you see
That the ports will change
Mirror Mirror on the net
True hope lies beyond the firewall
You're a damned kind can't you see
That the ports will change
Even though
The virus calmed down
The bitter end
Is just a matter of time
Shall we dare the admin
Merciless he's changing our passwords
Our passwords
How shall we leave the lost server
Time's getting short so follow me
A leader's task so clearly
To find a path out of the site
chorus (2)

Face the Truth
The moon, the sign of the opers
It appeared when we left the site of the werewolf behind
We faced up to the curse and endured misery
Condemned we are
We brought f-prot, but also trojans, and sub-sevens

Chatter (Dead Server Reigns)
Coffee is in your hands
Your bane's
A tearful destiny
Black clouds will carry
Rain of nicotine
I've seen it rain
We were lost
On grinding sites
In fear and hunger
Dead Server reigned
In UniBG
(You) can't escape
From my ban
(Nor) run away
From g-line
Guilty spoke the one
This deed can't be undone
Hear my words
Fear my curse
I know where the status bar glows
(And the) sky's unclouded
Sweet the transfer runs my friend
(But) Chatter
Coffee is in your hands
Tears unnumbered
You will shed and dwell in lag
Your homeless nicknames
Shall come to me
There's no release
G-lined you might be
G-lined you will be
G-lined you will be
And the lost
Who will not reach the
House of Ghosts
(Will) drop old and weary
I've seen this bitter end
As I've foreseen
The lag and drops
And I could see it
(How) a million connections died
And I?
The blame's on me
Cause I was not there
Dead server reigns
And tomorrow's still unknown
Condemned and betrayed
Now everything is said
See my eyes
Are full of tears
And a cruel price
We've paid
But still I can't claim
That I'm connected

Battle of Sudden Flood
Oh lord here I stand
Suddely everything's gone
For all Chatters
From now on my net
Is my gift to you
Just lead my fate
To the victory
Of chatters

Time Stands Still (At the I-net Inc.)
Light fails at dawn
The moon is gone
And deadly the drops reign
Finally I've found myself
In these channels
Horror and madness I've seen here
For what I became a client of the lost?
Barren and lifeless the banners lie
Lord of all Chatters
An oper in the night
And a bearer of hope
He surfs into his glorious battle alone
Farewell to the valiant chatlord
chorus (repeat 2x):
The dial-up of us all
depends on the hack
When time stands still at the I-net Inc.
I chat alone
Noone's by in my room
I'll dare you
Come in
You coward
Now it's me or you
He gleams like a star
And the sound of his WinAmp's
Like a raging storm
Proudly the chat lord
Challenges the Oper
Lord of slaves he cries
Slowly in fear
The Oper appears
Welcome to my channel
You shall be banned
The Oper's trojan
Is getting closer
Swings his virus
Down on the hdd
Like a thunderstorm
He's crushing
Down the chatlord's
biggest files
Under my ftp
So hopeless it seems
You've troubled my day
Now feel the pain
The Chatlord's modem is broken
He flashes and smokes
The most proud and most valiant
His pc survives
Praise our king
Praise our king
Praise our king
Praise our king

The Dark Chatter
A dark seed of IRCOPs is grown

A black pass
Is born that night
The misty provider
(Has) got a new admin
Got a new admin
So what can we do
With our accounts
When it all begins
It's hard and
It's cruel
Will net die in lag?
Will transfer ever rise again?
I'm trapped in lag
Still I reach out for the sites
I'm tracing in silence
I leave it all far behind
Oh at dawn
I'll face the drop
Oh at dawn
I'll pray for the connection
Oh at dawn
I'll be on the edge of thorns
Let us click on
To the sites of contribution
(I'm) wondering why
I'll carry on
Will I betray myself
To sleep
In the silence
It's time to explain
Search for truth in lies
Useful lies
Needless ping's damned
What can we do with our accounts
When it all begins
Come follow me
And you will see
How it will be
When all the lag is gone away
Let us click on
Though there's no hope at our site
Let us be brave
Though by k-line we are denied
Don't you think
It's time for us
To bring to an end
Come type the code of hack
The wisdom in us both
Will make it
Special guaranteed
Type the code of hack
I'm lost in the depths of his sites
I can't flee
Inner pain caused insanity
It's deep within
The fear and the hunger
Enslaved and denied
By my passion and my friends
I'm the illgotten son

The Chatter
I've seen the ISDN
And the first transferrise
I'll leave it to the memories
And kiss the ping goodbye
For the Chatters
I'm trapped inside this channel
Of the Chatters's
Song of doom
I've tasted floods
When I drank the wine of mails
But the fear was in my heart
I realized too late
The house of GHOSTS calls
For the Chatter
I'm trapped inside this channel
Of the Chatter's
Song of the doom
High's the fee
Soon my ping will return
Welcome dawn
Your light will take me to bed
I say farewell
To the Chatter
I'm trapped inside this channel
Of the Chatter's
Song of doom

Sys admin - the Wise
narrator (Client):
Thus he was fired
Sys admin - the Wise
Lord of the pings and friend of users
Fair, and assisting
Most beloved of the Sys admin race
We paid the price, he redeemed the contract
Farewell my friend, farewell

When Sorrow Sang
So let me out of it
Out of the lag
To bring back ping and transfer for all
And so if I could get you in
Just for a little while
Into the logs of sorrow
You might understand
Where am I now
Beyond the dawn
(Where) hope's turned to cigarette ash
At all
Immortal connection's
Fooled by the hands of opers
That connection means death
I realized too soon
Caught in the lag
I've gone too far
When connection lagged slowly and deep
The air was filled with tears
Full of sadness and grief
When connection lagged slowly and deep
I feel like screaming
But I can't breath in
Shall I wane right now
I will not leave this
Server I chat in
Till she has said
Out in the lag
I still wait for her respond
And her last kiss
It shall be release
I can't forget her
Her face I have not seen
From the sites of my collection
I long for her
So I heard all about it
Her words were so clear
She's woven both themes in there
Moved me to tears
The world shall hear this sad song
Song of sorrow song of grief
Can't change the transfer of his provider
Can't change the transfer of her provider

Out of the Lag
Out of the Lag
The server of the dead that live
There they dwelt
Until they left the irc and
Still their deeds live forth in logs

The Steadfast
narrator (Dark Admin):
Now truly I am king of the net
Master of accounts
Damned shall thy provider be
Thou shall not question my power
Nor shall thou defy me further

A Dark Passage
I feel cold
Facing the lag
The transfer's gone away
Deep in his club he said
All servers'll be mine
There's one thing for sure
The triumph of IRC opers is near
Deep in his club they sang
We shall not rest
Until all will be thyne
All net is mine
You can be sure
Don't dare me
the mighty one screamed
Smashed down the servers
I will not rest till I'm Sys admin
UniBG's empty now
allied the sys admins and chatters
they shall be damned
Rise of Fall
a dark tale ends
just wondering how
in the lag
they found their way
to the right site
children of the www2
second kindred
we call their race
treat them kindly
born in the mIRC
(are the) nightfearer
they moved to UniBG
towards the servers
(they are) morning breath like
short's their uptime
(like) dawn passes by
when the day comes
the connection was lost
(and) hope had passed away
the transfer went down
beyond the firewall
dark was the hour
but transfer shall come again
Clean my keyboard
wash away all coffee
let bed be mine
noone hears me crying
no log no post
which contains all the grief
renowned the deeds
and the victims of defeat
sit down on your chair
and look out for your kin
with my prompt's you'll see
and with my speakers you'll hear
you troubled my day
and you've questioned my strength
(but) don't mess
with the master of the net
I smashed down the servers
and dared Sys admins
I smashed down the servers
revenge will be mine
Slowly kicking on
still we're banning on

Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)
Thus ends the fifth battle
By the treachery of chatters the net is lost
The servers fall and great is the triumph of IRCops
The league is broken
The last vestige of hope lives in the hidden sys admin
Only he troubles the dark IRCOP's mind
Only he could bring ruin to the black foe
Though the net lies down in agony and the curse lives on
A new site shall arise
And a new day shall come, again

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