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Sivosten webZine :: Pathology (2008)
Pathology (2008)

Author: Angel Genchev, Wednesday, 24 September 2008.

In Articles :: Movies & Animation; Propose a Second Opinion

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To be honest, the only reason I had for watching this movie was John de Lancie. I don\'t really know why, and though I\'ve never seen him in a lead role, I always had a soft spot for his act. Anyway, he was as charming as ever, but the movie itself mightve been a lot better and with only a couple of additional details it could become a very good thriller. But unfortunately those details arent there.

Without them, \"Pathology\" falls directly within the borders of the all too often exploited college plots, where either a group of student gets lost somewhere, or within the college society there\'s something quite illegal, adjusted with drugs and/or sex, but usually without rock\'n\'roll, being démodé. This particular movie belongs to the second type and if the scenario hadnt brought forth the main characters to a non-typical background, the review would most likely end up about here.

The pathology practice makes the movie quite spectacular, bloody, a little bit disgusting and somewhat cynical, though the latter lacks elegance. All of the above are good features - or they could be, if it wasn\'t for the ultimately clichéd plot with its psychopathic antagonist and the positive hero, who at first gives in to the temptation, but then finds the inner strength to shake it off. And that\'s something weve seen so many times we couldn\'t even call it a thriller.

Perhaps what is missing in \"Pathology\" is some sort of investigating detective. It might be a well-known method, but it boosts the suspense, of which presently the movie is in dire need of one can predict almost every moment of it.

But anyway it\'s a rather good flick. Despite all faults \"Pathology\" is shot well and has quite a soundtrack, a well-chosen cast and decent characters. There is that hole in the scenario, but I don\'t think you\'d regret wahtching it, especially if you have some spare time.

Commentary topic: http://www.sivosten.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=208440#208440

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